Reader, writer, book lover, beagle devotee and life lesson learner.

If you are like me, you have had a book of some kind sitting on your nightstand pretty much your entire life.  Actually, if you are like me you have a stack of books sitting on your nightstand at all times!  Sometimes I have two or three books on the go at the same time, and I usually can’t stop reading a book until I finish it no matter how I feel about the book along the way.  So I thought I’d create a place to share thoughts about books (good and bad), recommendations for great reading, and other random thoughts about life.  Hopefully there will be at least one person reading this blog, otherwise I’m just talking to myself and my dogs look at me funny when I do that.  If you have read something fabulous, please let me know so I can read it too!

A word about my book reviews: any comments or reviews on this site represent my own thoughts and opinions.  I will try my best to avoid all major spoilers and will alert you well in advance if the post might contain some info you wouldn’t want to know if you haven’t finished reading the book yourself.  I encourage readers to comment with their own feelings about any given book, I love hearing different perspectives about something I’ve read!

A word about comments: I’m going to turn off comment moderation, so please don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother reading (or mine for that matter…because she IS reading!).

Housekeeping:  As I go along, I’ll try to keep the blog organized by adding pages where you’ll find a list of all ‘book’ related posts as well as all ‘other’ related posts.  I might also change up the Theme, we’ll see.  Stay tuned, this blog (like me) is a work in progress!




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