Resolutions are not Resolute… but People like Zombies

Like everyone on WordPress, I received the 2014 “Annual Report” on my blog. A fascinating little read it was! While I felt I had toiled in obscurity, apparently my internet ramblings have been seen by enough people to fill 14 trips in a San Francisco cable car! Having never been to San Fran, or in one of their cable cars, I choose to only take this as the highest of compliments.

My Annual Report was also a bit of a damning condemnation of my last year’s resolutions; I obviously resolved to write more on my blog last year, as evidenced by my frequent postings (21!) throughout January 2014. Fast forward to June and July and I was down to once per month, and in October it was like I didn’t exist in cyber space at all! In November I barely squeezed one in by the skin of my teeth.

And apparently, I am EXTREMELY creative on Thursdays, as most of my postings are done that day (hence two today – old habits die hard, apparently).

Most interestingly, despite dipping my toe into writing a bit about controversy – I touched on domestic violence and the NFL, feminism, race relations, and voting – my most popular post all year was my thoughts on Carol “eliminating” Lizzie on The Walking Dead. Go figure.

Thankfully at my age I’ve learned that resolutions are not very resolute, so I won’t resolve to be any different this year. Expect a lot more of me in the next few weeks dear reader, and then we’ll probably fall out of touch over the summer months and into the fall. It doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you; I’m just kind of poor at discipline in the second half of the year.

But maybe I’ll try to write a bit more about zombies…. People seem to like that.


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