The Unexpected Award

I was very pleased this week to receive not one but two nominations for blogging awards!  The first was The Sunshine Blogger Award from the lovely and very funny Eliza over at Eliza Thinks Allowed, and the second was The Leibster Award from the sophisticated jetgirlcos at Forty, c’est Fantastique!

I want to start by giving a big thank you to these two ladies, the award nomination really made my day.  And both of these blogs are really awesome so I urge you to check them out.  🙂

However, I really hope no one will be offended if I decide not to ‘continue the chain’ of award nominations.  I would really like to, but after I spent the better part of an hour agonizing over who I would nominate next I realized that this is not what I came to the blogging experience for.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a people pleaser; sometimes it actually causes me anxiety, which I’ve realized is ridiculous.  World hunger should cause anxiety, not passing along blogging awards!  So one of the things I’m trying to learn to do is say no graciously.

I admit that my rationale is selfish.  I don’t have a heck of a lot of time to spend on this blog and more often than not I struggle a bit to find something to write about or phrase my thoughts in just the right way (not always successfully, I might add).  So I thought about maybe just participating in these two awards, but then it would be awkward if it happened again and I turned down participating, and that just seemed like a vicious cycle so… I have to graciously be thankful for the nomination but politely decline to continue the chain.

As a show of good sportsmanship however, I’ll post here my answers to one of the ‘rules’ from the blogger awards – mainly because the questions actually kind of made me realize some stuff about myself!  Crazy talk, eh?!

Facts about myself:

  1. I was little Suzy snowflake in a school concert as a kid
  2. I took a photography class in high school, but I was better at developing the pictures than actually taking them
  3. I can draw reasonably well when I really try
  4. I really love writing so starting this blog has made me really happy
  5. Facts 2-4 actually mean I’m more ‘arty’ than I ever thought I was!
  6. I make up words like ‘arty’ for no particular reason, when words like ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ would do just as well
  7. I had laser eye surgery but after ten years it reversed 😦
  8. I am both terrified and fascinated by the thought of a zombie apocalypse
  9. I usually return my library books late and rationalize that the late fees are still cheaper than if I actually bought the book
  10. Pretty much the only time I get up with my alarm is if I have a plane to catch
  11. I think in another life I’d be a marine biologist.

What did I learn about myself, you ask?  Honestly, the ‘creativity’ part was a bit of a revelation because I’ve always considered myself the total opposite of creative.  It’s a bit cheesy, but coming to this realization actually feels like it’s the opening of a door to allow myself to really explore this part of my personality.

And more so than any kudos, that really is the most awesome gift from this blog so far.  So thanks again, Eliza and jetgirlcos; you ladies really made my day in ways I totally never expected!


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