“Pour” it forward, and other small delights

After writing yesterday’s post about kindness on the internet, I started thinking that maybe I was a bit harsh on real life feel-goodness.  Make no mistake, it’s out there – every day, people do little things for strangers whether it be to hold the door open for them, stop to let them into a busy line of traffic, give up a seat on the bus for someone who is struggling.

These  may not be the emotional equivalent to providing a shoulder to cry on for someone who is hurting, but a helping hand or even just a smile can really go a long way towards making someone’s day a bit brighter and reducing the stress that our fast-paced lives seem to be constantly under.

When I opened my WordPress reader tonight, I was very pleased to find a great post about just that – the small acts of kindness that can really make someone’s day better (thanks for sharing that, Kim!).

It got me thinking about a story that made the news up here in Canada last year about a pay-it-forward moment that snowballed into something much bigger.  Basically, customers at Tim Hortons (which is pretty much the official national coffee shop of Canada) started paying for their own coffee orders at the drive-thru, but also paying for the car behind them.

Perhaps this happens often at coffee shops across the world; but what made news about this was how it mushroomed out into a much larger phenomenon.  One coffee shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba kept track one day and counted up to 228 consecutive ‘pour it forwards’.  

That's a lot of java!
That’s a lot of java!

Wouldn’t it be great to go through the drive-thru for your morning coffee and have it paid for by some stranger in front of you?  I am a person who generally runs late for work and I’m often a bit irritated if traffic or roadwork makes my commute any longer than it needs to be (why do I hit snooze three times I might ask myself?  But that’s for another post).  If someone paid for my coffee in the morning, I absolutely could not stay irritated, and I’d probably give off much happier vibes when I did arrive at the office.

So after a bit of a pessimist streak from yesterday, today the outlook is for sunny skies and more sharing of the love (and perhaps a free coffee for someone in the morning).  🙂


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