Why write at all?

I spend a lot of time lately thinking about writing.  I think about writing this blog and what I want to talk about in my next post (often my mind stays blank and I end up either winging it, just posting a picture, or sitting here staring at a blank screen until I resolve to come back to it another time).

I also think about writing in general.  Mainly, how to write.  Or more precisely: How do authors come up with ideas to write about?

I like to read a diverse selection of literature – from young adult fiction to historical literature like Anna Karenina and classics like Jane Austen.  I try to pay attention to how authors structure their stories, how they use dialogue and the language they choose to use.  But I’ve realized that the most important aspect of any story is – what is the point, anyway?  What is the author trying to say, what lesson is the character (or the reader) supposed to learn?  How does the story end?

This is by far the hardest question to answer and one that seems to be the biggest cause of my writer’s block.  I’ve got lots of ideas for interesting scenes or characters to create, I just have no idea what would be the point of their existence.  It is a bit surprising and starting to become more than a bit frustrating.

If there are any authors / struggling authors / wanna-be-authors out there, I’d love to hear your perspective on how you choose a story to tell?


2 thoughts on “Why write at all?

  1. Just, please keep writing. I look forward every day to reading your blog. Your writings are so great and one day all of those characters in your mind will come together.i


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