A picture’s worth a thousand stories

I’ve been sitting here stumped for quite a while thinking about what I want to write tonight.  Actually, if truth be told, I sat for about an hour thinking about what to write but for the past thirty minutes I’ve actually just been thinking of running a bath and bringing my glass of wine and a good book and the blog be damned for the night.

Today’s DailyPrompt asks us to talk about a Hero.  I thought about this topic for a while and I know there is so much that can be said about heroism – the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary.  I just didn’t have it in me tonight to reach those depths either emotionally or creatively.

So instead, I started looking through old photographs and found many favourites from a trip to Ireland I took a few years ago.  I thought I’d share one of those with you instead.  (When I say “Ireland” I’m talking about both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland – I know that the Republic of Ireland is independent from the UK (Northern Ireland)).

Ireland and Northern Ireland are not only gut-wrenchingly, stunningly beautiful countries, they have a rich history of strong, proud and determined people.  The Irish people struggled (and still struggle) for independence.  It’s a place of war and reconciliation and tragedy and beauty and warmth and fierce, fierce pride.  It is a place of stories; personal, inconsequential stories and epic, profound stories.

Remind me to tell you one of those stories sometime.  Like I said, I’m too tired tonight.  Instead, just enjoy this glimpse into something so lovely that it has to be seen to be believed.

West Coast of Northern Ireland
West Coast of Northern Ireland

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