The point of the story

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing right now?
Or in other words: what are your dreams?

I had a fascinating conversation with some friends today.  These are people whom I’m not particularly close to – they are more than just acquaintances but not exactly bosom-buddies.  I don’t really know what that middle ground would be called, but since I like them I’ll call them friends.

Anyway, we got into a chat about what we would do if we weren’t working at our current jobs.  I was very pleasantly surprised at their answers, in a way that can only happen when you discover that your preconceived notions about a person are completely off – or at the very least, represent only the tip of the iceberg of the depth of the person’s personality.

Lets start with my “assumptions”.  My impression of Friend 1 was of a person who is very proper, logical, analytical and direct.  These are all great qualities and I really admire his abilities in these areas.  But imagine my surprise when I discovered that he’d love to be a documentary filmmaker, and that he practices photography in his spare time?  How could I have missed such a lovely creative flare?

Probably because I wasn’t looking.  I saw the cover of the book and assumed I knew not only how the story ended but exactly what it was about and how it was written.  Imagine if I hadn’t looked farther!  I would have missed seeing what really lies beneath, the passions that sustain us – to stick with my book metaphor, I would have missed the whole point of the story in the first place.

I’m so glad I was proven wrong.  It’s fantastic to be reminded that we all have so many facets to ourselves and that our lives can go in so many different directions.  Learning this about him reinforced to me that no one is stuck on any one path.  We always have choices and we can pursue our dreams in any number of ways.

The experience was much the same with Friend 2 only from a slightly different angle.  In this case, I discovered that we actually have more in common than I first imagined.  I confided my dream of writing a book and the fact that I had started this blog, and my friend acknowledged sharing very similar goals.  I never would have imagined it about this person!  How silly I was to feel nervous about sharing my own passion for writing!

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to write about the Outside –  being on the outside looking in.  Although I didn’t intend to, that’s what I’m talking about here.  With my preconceived notions about my friends, I started out on the outside looking in.  I only saw the exterior.  But by opening up a bit of myself, I got to learn so much more – the important stuff, the stuff that makes us who we are.  I’m so glad I did.

So…what would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing right now?  🙂





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