Book Review: Like This For Ever, by S.J. Bolton

Like This ForeverPaperback: 400 pages

Published April 11th 2013 by Bantam Press

(first published January 1st 2013)

Bright red. Like rose petals. Or rubies. Or balloons. Little red droplets.

     Barney knows the killer will strike again soon. The victim will be another boy, just like him. He will drain the body of blood, and leave it on a Thames beach. There will be no clues for detectives Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury to find. There will be no warning about who will be next. There will be no good reason for Lacey Flint to become involved … And no chance that she can stay away.

     Keep telling yourself it’s only fiction.

I found this book at my local library and somewhat reluctantly picked it up.  I say reluctantly because this book is part of a ‘series’ featuring the same characters, namely police constable Lacey Flint.  Being a bit of an ‘A’ type personality, I like to start things at the beginning and this book is not the first in the series.

However – the concept of the story intrigued me and I really wanted to read something set in modern-day London, England.  And boy am I glad I picked this book!  Even though I know I’m missing a few key character points (there are some references to things that have happened in earlier books, so perhaps they’ll be a bit spoiled for me), the way that Ms. Bolton has woven this story together is fantastic.  The book is equal parts character and mystery, and I found myself guessing and changing my mind throughout the book about how it was all going to end.  For me this is a key feature, and this book manages to successfully point the reader down various paths without ruining the final ‘reveal’ at the end of the book.

As an added bonus, there is enough of London peppered into the story to satisfy those of us, like me, who love to imagine stories set in other cities.  Various spots in the city and particularly the river Thames feature prominently and are almost as important as the characters themselves.

I will probably go back and read the previous novels in this series, and I’d recommend others start with the first book as well (just to avoid the ‘spoilers’ that I think I’ve gotten in this book).  I believe the first book is called Now You See Me.

Overall, I definitely give this one at least four / five stars!


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