A Golden Day

As a new blogger, I’ve been loosely following the Daily Prompts as I often find myself casting about for writing ideas.  Today’s prompt was simply to write about happiness.  This one struck a chord with me because today actually was a day filled with absolutely simple but delicious pleasures.

The day started out as most of our weekends do with an extended session lounging about at Tim Hortens (for anyone reading this outside of Canada, it’s pretty much our national coffee spot – kind of like Dunkin’ Donuts for Americans).  I won $20 on a scratch ticket (yay!).

We came home and I embarked on a marathon cooking session.  I started with my first attempt at cream of potato leek soup – for a first try, it was delicious!

Chilly day, warm soup in a bowl.
Chilly day, warm soup in a bowl.

I also got started on pulled pork for dinner – check out the before and after pics.  It was a sweet, applewood smoked bbq sauce on the pork, which pulled apart like cotton candy.  Seriously, the slow cooker may be man’s greatest invention.

Pulled pork *Before*
Pulled pork *Before*
Pulled pork *After*
Pulled pork *After*

Finally, I spent a good few hours lounging around the house with hubby and the dogs.  The view from my dining room window is of a winter wonderland.

Snowy view from my back porch
Snowy view from my back porch

And the dogs are pretty much toast after a day spent romping in the backyard.

Best friends
Best friends

So yes, happiness really struck a chord with me today.  It was an all around perfect day, which I say with both satisfaction and guilt because believe me, I know exactly how blessed and lucky I am.  For anyone reading this who is struggling with hard times, I’m thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.  It’s not much, but it’s all I can do over the internet.  Not all my days are this good, but when they come along you’ve got to savour them, right?

Here’s to good days ahead in 2014 for all of us.



4 thoughts on “A Golden Day

    1. Thanks! It’s one of my favourite things about my house. Very relaxing! The snow is great until mid-February, then I’m ready for spring which sadly doesn’t come until about April here. 🙂 Sunshine all year would be nice too.


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