Words to Live By

When I started this blogging journey a few months ago, I began by first re-organizing my home office and buying a few fun things to personalize the space.  I really wanted a place where I could sit, think, be inspired and feel good. Here is one of my favourite finds; this hangs on the wall above my desk at home:

Words to Live By
Words to Live By

After hours spent browsing through countless WordPress blogs and loving almost all of them (funny, personal, critical, nonsensical, and poignant thoughts from strangers around the world), I decided to start my own page.  It seemed like such fun and a good personal challenge.  I have always loved to write, but had gotten away from it for many years.

When I started out, I really wasn’t sure what shape my blog would take – and I’m still not.  I like writing book reviews and I feel like I’m starting to sharpen that particular skill, but I’ve also enjoyed (and gotten the best feedback on) the thoughts I’ve put out there in other random posts.  This kind of reflects why I chose the blog name that I did (Turning Pages: Of Books and Life).  Turning endless pages of books to review, but also turning pages on the thoughts / challenges / adventures of the inane nonsense of life.

But it all really comes down to the fact that I just love sitting here at my computer and thinking about what to write about today.  Usually I’m accompanied by a glass of wine or a mug of tea (depending on how the day went, I guess) and I often find myself writing about things that have come to me throughout the day – that is to say, I think about this blog often!  Perhaps I’d get more done at my actual PAYING job if I didn’t, but I guess that’s how it goes when something is your passion.

In any event, no matter what I’m writing about I find myself looking up at these phrases on my wall and I’m reminded of why I started this journey in the first place.  I want to fill my life with things that make me feel good.  I’d love it if I could actually make a living just writing – stories, blogs, articles, whatever; and maybe that will come one day, but until then this little hobby has definitely earned an integral space in my life.  Something I let slide to the wayside for far too long but which is here for good now.

**In case you can’t read the phrases in the photo, here they are:

  • Dream Big
  • Always Tell the Truth
  • Work Hard
  • Keep Your Promises
  • Make Good Choices
  • Smile
  • Say Please & Thank You
  • Don’t Whine
  • Laugh out Loud
  • Love one another
  • Help others
  • Do your best




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