Resolution check-in

Alrighty, a few days ago I posted about how my resolution to keep up a more regular writing habit in 2014.  Not necessarily on this blog, but just for myself personally.  I also alluded to a desire to write what I will call a novel, although in reality it will probably end up being closer to a short story which seems like a good enough place to start.

So in the interest of self-accountability and full disclosure, I am happy to say that I have almost sort-of met my goal.  🙂

I’ve done some random note jotting about story ideas (and I’m counting this, because its my resolution and I get to be the boss of it).  I have also done a bit of actual writing on the actual story.  Finally, I did a bit of editing of said writing material, which I’ve decided also qualifies (see above noted “I’m the boss of me” comment).

Yay me!  I know its not actually even 2014 yet, but I kind of like starting this whole resolution thing a bit early – it makes me feel like I have a chance at succeeding.  Also, I’m a Virgo and we have a bit of what my husband would call a ‘control freak streak’ which in this case translates into me deciding to start my resolution whenever the heck I want.

So on that note, Happy New Year to all of you!  Whether or not you’re making resolutions, I hope 2014 finds you all with happiness and good health.  Cheers!


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