Canadian girls do Black Friday

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday
Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Or: I have a lot of sh*t in my closet.


I have spent most of today organizing my closet (don’t get me started on how much I love to organize!  That’s for another post).  The reason?  The five shopping bags of silky new clothes and glittery accessories that I brought home from a marathon Black Friday session in the US this weekend.


Three longtime girlfriends and I ventured out after work on Thursday night for the drive down south.  We feared a long wait at the border (there wasn’t one) and after braving a small snow squall we arrived at our hotel somewhere around 9:00pm.  Too anxious to wait until morning light, two of us ventured across the street to the local Wal-Mart only to arrive as the dust settled after the first DoorBusters ended (bedraggled staffers and empty skids abounded).  We decided we would be awake at 5:00am and head to the outlets, at which time we figured the midnight madness-ers would be leaving and parking would be easy to find.


This turned out to be the perfect plan, and we spent the next five hours or so frantically scoring deals (70% off!) at outlets stores that for some reason are denied to us Canadians in our native land.  After a delicious grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, we left the outlets in our dust and headed to the golden jewel… Destiny, USA.


(Why do Americans name their malls in such ways?)


Anyhow, we made our first round of the mall somewhat in a fog, determined not to miss out on a single Black Friday deal.  Turns out, we didn’t.  To cater to the mad rush of shoppers, most stores have stretched their sales through the weekend or beyond.  Perhaps this is to cater to the Canadians, who are enjoying an elevated duty-free limit for stays over 48 hours (yay!).


Day two started with a return trip to the mall where we managed to squeeze out the last dollars of our $800.00 limits.  Like Black Friday shopping ninjas, we had this trip timed down to a science, ever aware of when our 48 hours in the US was up and we could arrive at the border in our SUV jammed-packed with shopping bags but without fear of the tax man.


As before, our crossing of the world’s longest undefended border went as smoothly as the new blouses I will be wearing each day this week at work.  Peeling out of the customs stop screaming SO LONG SUCKERS, we were home free!  (Okay, we pulled away in a slow and responsible manner and my girlfriends quickly rolled up the window as I shouted with glee at avoiding the customs line, but still).


Hence today, four hours spent pulling old clothes out of my closet to make room for the new.  I took the opportunity to re-organize as well (a blazer for every day and every blazer in its place).  However I did come to the conclusion, that I have a lot of sh*t in my closet.  And much of it is pink.  However now it is a neatly organized array of pink, so I’m happy nonetheless.



And even though Canadian thanksgiving was weeks ago, I must say I’m very thankful for the wonderful friends with whom I made the trip.  They were the best part of the adventure without question.  Thanks ladies!  Can’t wait until next year.  🙂




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