Reaching into the bucket (list)

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Everyone’s got a bucket list, right?  Well, I do – kind of.  It’s not something I’ve ever formally written down or organized in any way, but there are things in my mind that I’d love to do at some time in life.  Writing a novel is one of them.


It sounds cliché to say this on a blog because I have a feeling that lots of people who blog also have aspirations as novel writers – I cite the number of people doing NaNoWriMo as my primary evidence.  I would really love to go through the process of crafting a story, writing it, editing it, and even sending it out to publishers to get feedback and, hopefully, publication!  I was going to say that I’d like to do it just for the creative process of writing a book but let’s be honest, every writer wants to be published in some fashion.


My main problem?  I have no idea what story I want to tell.  I often come across average scenes of daily life and think about how I would write that scene in a story; my only problem is I have yet to figure out what exactly the story would be (this is a big problem in a novel).  Do other writers have this problem?  I would love to hear about it if you do!  I feel like once I figure out this one (giant) piece, the rest would flow from there.


I recently took a writing class online and I find that writing on this blog really helps churn up new ideas in my mind, but so far no major inspiration has struck.  I keep a notepad by the bed and occasionally jot down ideas, mind maps, descriptions of random things, all in the hope that one day it will all fall neatly together.  No such luck. I’m left with the question: how do authors do it???


Writing a book is the kind of bucket list thing that actually takes a lot of work to get accomplished.  Kind of like climbing Mount Everest, only harder; I say this because with climbing a mountain, there is a prescribed set of steps you follow and then you undertake the climb.  You follow a specific physical training program.  You read about the challenges you will face and talk to others so you know what to expect.  You purchase the equipment and find a group to go with.  All of these things can be done, granted with significant self-discipline and effort, and you’re off up the side of the mountain!  Er, yes you might die trying, but at least you can make the attempt.  If that perfect story idea doesn’t meander into your mind, you remain stuck on page 1; (Okay, dying is worse than being stuck on page 1 in the comfort of your home nursing a giant glass of wine; perhaps metaphors are not my strong suit).


In any event, I’m putting this out there to the universe in the hopes of stimulating some sort of creativity demi-gods.  Send me a story idea!  I want to reach into the bucket and scratch something off my list.



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