Un-inspired but organized!

Today I spent an hour browsing through my local Michael’s craft store.  I spent eighty dollars and came out with a glass vase, some Martha Stewart craft paint, Christmas decorations and a how-to magazine.  Not impressed?  I don’t blame you.  I am a non-crafty person who loves crafts and who really really really wants to be crafty… but just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Oh, I went in to the store with the greatest of intentions.  Inspired by fifteen minutes of browsing through Pinterest and Etsy, I was sure I would come home and with a few flourishes of paint, mod-podge and fabrics, behold!  Some sort of quaint, antique-looking, crafted… something.

I think this is the root of my problem.  I really want to be crafty, but I cannot for the life of me imagine what I might actually do.  I don’t really want to spend a ton of money and after only the most minimal of research I have discovered that being crafty is expensive!  Want to make jewellery?  Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars just to get started with the most basic of beeds, string, wire and the assortment of ‘tools’ that apparently are essential.  Double that if you want to paint, and don’t get me started on scrapbooking!  (Actually seriously, don’t get me started… I am one third of the way through scrapbooking my wedding photos from three years ago…. apparently not only is creativity a problem but motivation is as well).

But aside from the cost, I think I would be prepared to make the investment if I really was bursting with great ideas.  Unfortunately, I think I’m just bursting with ideas about having ideas.  Thankfully my husband will be forgiving when he sees yet another purchase from the local craft shop, but no production of cute decorative crafts.

Although… I did also get a cute plastic patterned bin in which to store my small collection of still-in-perfect-condition craft supplies.  I may not be crafty but I am definitely organized.  Even the half-finished wedding scrapbook is very neatly organized, the photos are all in categories waiting to be put in the book, and I have a cute plastic bin to holding my scrapbooking supplies as well.  Come to think of it, all of my ‘dream’ projects are kind of like that!  I have all sorts of bits of writing that I’m hoping will one day magically turn into a readable story, and while the bits are all completely unrelated to each other and likely completely incoherent, they are all very neatly organized in pretty binders and notebooks (the ones I picked up in the Back-to-School sale I talked about back in September).

What do you think, maybe I should focus my energy on creative-organizing rather than creative-crafting, eh?


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