It’s beginning to look alot like…

I’ve recently seen some scary statistics on the internet.  I know people say one should avoid searching for obscure medical ailments or global warming facts online because you’ll soon be convinced the headache you’ve got is brain cancer or that the sun will soon fry us all; that’s not what I’m talking about here.  This is so much more imminent than that.

Brace yourselves.

Yesterday someone posted…that there are only 7 Wednesdays left before Christmas.

Now I don’t even know if this is true as I couldn’t bring myself to count it down myself on the calendar.  Regardless, this is definitely the time of year when my mother starts incessantly asking me for suggestions for my Christmas list and when people on your Facebook feed start boasting that they’ve got all their shopping done (I’m convinced this is a lie or at best that these people are sponsored by Walmart or some such store to guilt the rest of us into a shopping frenzy).

Does the clock somehow speed up after November 1st?  How is it that seven weeks seems so ridiculously short?  Why did I not start my shopping in August?!?

But seriously, every year I try to embrace the fun of getting ready for Christmas.  I try my best to make a realistic shopping list and stick with it.  I start writing my Christmas cards early enough that I don’t cramp up my hand trying to get them all done in one or two evenings.  I definitely try to get a turkey in the freezer a few weeks in advance, because I know myself and that is exactly the type of thing I would forget and I’m pretty sure they’d ban me from my local grocery store for fighting over the last frozen bird on Christmas Eve.  Plus, who needs the hassle?  By December 20th I plan to be spending my evenings with a glass of wine in front of the decorated Christmas tree (oh god, I have to get the tree out and decorate it too!) with a Christmas special on.

So in the spirit of the holiday, I’m getting that scary statistic out there for everyone.  Christmas is coming, and soon!  Put on the holiday music and lets get this party started!


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