November progress report: a little gold star

Back in September when I started this blog, I did it to re-discover a joy of writing that I had tucked away in a dusty corner of my mind somewhere between playing volleyball and staying out late in nightclubs (neither of which I do very often anymore either, but they both share a fond spot in my memories of slightly younger days).

But while I don’t necessarily miss either the stinging red forearms or the cheap cocktail hangovers, I knew how much I had missed writing the instant I started it again.  Even if many evenings I have sat down in front of the computer and stared blankly at my blog homepage, I’ve made up for them with every entry successfully completed.  Getting a ‘like’ or a new follower is a delightful bonus, like the gold star a teacher puts on a completed assignment.  It might not be stuck on there next to an “A”, but that shiny little star is all you can see on the page.

Simultaneously, I’ve also been taking an on-line writing class which has included a number of writing assignments and this has devoured a good portion of my creative juices each week.  My intention has been to post something here at least weekly but I don’t think I’ve quite met that goal so far.  As much as I like to imagine that words will just flow right from my brain and form something interesting and comprehensive on the page, it turns out that dedicated writing takes a great deal of work!  Often, tackling that work has required a large glass of wine, which I guess makes even the failed attempts ten times better than the work of my 9-5 life (except when we have a glass of scotch on Fridays… those are pretty good days too).

So if this were a real life class and I were bringing home my November report card, what would I find?  Well, I’ve shown up each week so the attendance mark would be good, but I would probably give myself a ‘Needs Improvement’ in the participation category (with an encouraging little comment and smiley face to go with it).  I’m fairly pleased with the content of the posts so far, so a strong ‘Satisfactory’ there.  Most importantly I would value the little gold stars, that mean someone (a total stranger!) took the time not only to read my thoughts but provide thoughtful feedback.  So this post is just a little shout-out to say thanks for that!


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