A love letter to September

This may be an unpopular post.  Especially for those who are squeezing the last few weeks, days, hours out of their summer flip-flops or maybe for teachers digging out the old alarm clock and getting back to the grind.  Don`t get me wrong, I love both flip-flops and teachers.  I just have a really big soft spot for September.  This month welcomes back many of my very favourite things:

  • Sweater weather
  • Fall Colours
  • Back to School shopping
  • NFL football

Yes, summertime is fantastic with its barbeques, green grass and endless sunshine, but September brings a liberating feeling of fresh starts (not to mention relief from 90 straight days of what I lovingly call my “Humidity Hair”, aka my personal weather barometer; want to know if it’s humid out before heading out for a lunchtime walk?  Just check out my head.  My co-workers love me for this.).   If you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, I confess that I envy you and probably quietly curse you come the dark and frigid days of February, but truth be told I wouldn’t trade September for the world.

Mornings are crisp and mean cozy sweaters to combat the cool breeze filtering in open windows after months of chilled air – conditioned air.  Afternoons are warm sun on your face without a hint of that heavy muggy heat that taints summer patio season.  Evenings bring lingering late sunlight and a glass of wine in front of a flickering fire.

And weekends!  Hiking with the dogs through a forest of trees whose leaves have become a kaleidoscope of colourful fall beauty.  Greens, reds, yellows, oranges – this is where Crayola must find inspiration for crayons like Burnt Sienna, Copper, Fern, Sunglow, and Blazing Bonfire (that one is a “Colour Mix-Up”, where the predominant colour contains flecks of complementary colours – seriously, kids!)

Combine all this beauty with the joys of back-to-school shopping – a tradition even more glorious when you’re an adult and not constrained by shopping for anyone who is actually going back to school.  I could happily wander through aisles of school supplies oblivious to the frenetic hordes of parents, counting down the hours until that first school bell rings while haphazardly cramming their carts full of binders, pencils and glue-sticks amidst children running pell-mell through the store clutching Dora backpacks and scientific calculators and Godhelpme, Miley Cyrus lunch boxes.  (Sorry parents: I feel for you, I really do!  But yes that was me last week next to you at Wal-Mart, quietly blocking your access to the locker size cork-boards while I contemplated fine vs. medium Bic products).

Yes, my husband rolls his eyes but says nothing when I come home laden down with cute little notebooks, an array of pens and binders with dividers, vaguely imagining myself writing my first novel or running my successful small business in an organized, well stocked and sharply decorated office (so chic you would definitely Pin an image of my little oasis).  Never mind that we have neither our own small business nor am I anywhere close to even the opening paragraph of a novel – I might start both of these ventures now that I have pens in five colours!

So with fall sunshine streaming through the Burnt Sienna leaves and my school supp – er, office supplies stacked neatly on my desk, the second week of September is complete with a Sunday spent curled up on the couch reveling in the return of the NFL; indulging in a plate of nachos and beer while shouting at your Defense to JUST SACK HIM ALREADY!  Who doesn‘t love these things?  Yes, technically autumn won’t start for another week, but unofficially the fall season is in full swing and I for one will be embracing every minute of it…. after all that old bastard, February, is lurking right around the corner.


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